Hi, I’m John Oatis. A software developer and manager.

My Message

Continuous improvement. Being a web developer with over twenty years of experience, you learn two things:

  • Everyday new technologies, patterns and strategies are being developed that you’ll need to learn.
  • You can’t learn everything so focus on what counts.

I have found that one of the best ways to grow, is to be of service to others. Volunteering allies you with others who you may never know if you weren’t working for a common cause. Donating your time and effort to a cause emboldens you to suggest big ideas and novel solutions without the fear of losing any political capital or advancement. Donating your time an effort for the improvement of your community not only improves the place where you live but life itself.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe


John has worked in start-ups and multi-national corporations. Whatever the size of the company he focuses on using technology to solve the business’ problem. Having worked in the financial, marketing and security industries have exposed him to various challenges.


John wrote his first program on his dad’s TRS-80 in BASIC. In the mid-90’s his father taught him COBOL. When the web came along, he discovered HTML by downloading and manipulating source code. Professionally he’s a full-stack developer turned manager.


As a boy scout working his way up to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, John learned how important organizing and motivating others was to achieving your goals. In business, he seeks to develop teams where all members feel valued and respected.


John’s lifetime journey of learning about tech, relationships and business goes on unabated, but till now largely gone undocumented. This blog is an account of the programming languages, platforms and personal encounters he’s had.

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